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We bring you the music you love
the way it was meant to be heard

Music connects us

We understand. Find your ultimate music solution:
ARC-1 ANC | Bluetooth Headphones
Aiwa Prodigy Air-2 | True Wireless Earphones
Aiwa Prodigy Air-2
AIWA EXOS-9 | Bluetooth Speaker


For those that want music to be more than background noise
For those who want their music to have the power to entertain. Aiwa

We bring people together

We’ve proudly resurrected the iconic Aiwa brand in the passionate pursuit of bringing people together around music. How do we do that? We create products that deliver legendary sound quality; we bring you the music you love, the way it was meant to be heard.

Aiwa has a simple formula for delivering serious audio equipment without compromise – we have the best acoustic talent, we put our money into the highest quality components and we offer world-class customer service.