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    We listened to all the feedback we goton headphones used at work or at home for video & Voice conferencing.
    • Very light ( 88 gram) “Airy” headphone
      • Even after wearing them for hours, your ears stay cool.
    • Lengthy 3.5mm Jack Cable
      • 1.2meter standard and with 1.8m extension cable: 3 Meter in total
      • No battery low in the middle of a call”.
      • No Blue Tooth problems
      • Works always and reliable
    • Flexible Microphone Arm
      • It can rotate 270 degrees for left as well as right side use.
      • Dual Microphone for background noise cancellation.
      • Optional Foam cover, to take the etch of your voice.
    • In cable easy accessible control buttons
      • For play
      • Pause
      • Mute / Un-mute
    • In cable easy accessible usage selection
      • Only Left ear
      • Only Right ear
      • Stereo/
  • Sale!
    Aiwa Prodigy Air-2

    AIWA Prodigy Air-2 | True Wireless Premium Earphones

    True wireless freedom Enjoy the iconic Aiwa sound quality with all your activities fully and truly wireless and experience how music should sound! With a perfect wireless fit you can focus on your indoor or outdoor work out enjoying music without hassles.

    GOLD AWARD WINNER Basis-tutorials.de

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