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    True wireless freedom Enjoy the iconic Aiwa sound quality with all your activities fully and truly wireless and experience how music should sound! With a perfect wireless fit you can focus on your indoor or outdoor work out enjoying music without hassles.

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    We listened to all the feedback we goton headphones used at work or at home for video & Voice conferencing.
    • Very light ( 88 gram) “Airy” headphone
      • Even after wearing them for hours, your ears stay cool.
    • Lengthy 3.5mm Jack Cable
      • 1.2meter standard and with 1.8m extension cable: 3 Meter in total
      • No battery low in the middle of a call”.
      • No Blue Tooth problems
      • Works always and reliable
    • Flexible Microphone Arm
      • It can rotate 270 degrees for left as well as right side use.
      • Dual Microphone for background noise cancellation.
      • Optional Foam cover, to take the etch of your voice.
    • In cable easy accessible control buttons
      • For play
      • Pause
      • Mute / Un-mute
    • In cable easy accessible usage selection
      • Only Left ear
      • Only Right ear
      • Stereo/
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    With the Aiwa ARC-1 ANC headphones you will experience fantastic sound quality the way it is meant to be. You will enjoy music with the iconic Aiwa sound without noise thanks to the the active noise cancellation technology which eliminates sounds around you. The Aiwa ANC headphones let you experience how music should sound!

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